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Chris Evans to Star in Marc Webb’s Drama ‘Gifted’

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Chris Evans and Marc Webb are both taking a step back from the superhero universe.

Evans is set to star in Webb’s upcoming drama “Gifted” for Fox Searchlight. Tom Flynn penned the film, which follows a man who sues for custody of his gifted niece. “Gifted” — Webb’s first film since “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” — is expected to start shooting this fall.

Webb is also setting up “The Only Living Boy in New York,” starring Miles Teller, with Jeff Bridges and Rosamund Pike in talks to join.

Although Evans has made a name for himself as Captain America in the Marvel universe, the actor has been drawn to more dramatic roles lately. He recently starred and made his directorial debut in the Sundance drama “Before We Go” opposite Alice Eve. Evans also appeared in the critically raved sci-fi action pic “Snowpiercer.” He can be seen next reprising his role of Steve Rogers in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Evans is repped by CAA and 3 Arts Entertainment.

The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood. [Source]

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‘Captain America 3′ Takes Shape at Marvel

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Anthony and Joe Russo returning to direct third installment

Marvel is still focusing on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which arrives in April, but sources tell Variety that Anthony and Joe Russo will be back in the director’s chair for a third installment, even though the film hasn’t officially been greenlit.

Marvel and Russo’s reps had no comment.

Negotiations wouldn’t begin untill after “Winter Soldier” bows but sources say Marvel has been so impressed with the production of the film, as well as with strong results from recent test screenings, that the studio has moved fast to attach the brothers to the next installment.

Since many of the actors have options for a third installment, a threequel is likely in the cards as long as “Winter Soldier” performs well.

A writer and release date are still pending for “Captain America 3″ but sources say Marvel and the Russos are already putting together an outline of what the third film’s story arc would look like.

Kevin Feige will produce with Chris Evans returning in the title role. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Evans signs on to anti-romantic comedy ‘A Many Splintered Thing’

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‘Captain America’ star branches out from superhero roles

Chris Evans takes a step out of action movies to do what is being described as an “anti-romantic comedy.” Several other stars ranging from different backgrounds are on board as well.

According to the UK Press Association Evans has signed on as a executive producer and will star in the film as well.

Deadline described the plot as a young man (Evans) who falls in love with a beautiful woman (played by Michelle Monaghan) at a charity event while pretending to be a philanthropist. Unfortunately, this woman is engaged to be married, but Evans’ character fakes a platonic relationship just so he could keep seeing her.

Topher Grace has also signed on to play Evans’ best friend in the film. Collider reported that Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Mackie, Phillip Baker Hall and Giovanni Risbisi are in talks to join the project. Not much is known about whom they will play.

Mackie and Plaza currently have a film in theaters called 10 Year about a high school reunion. Plaza has also worked with Evans before on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. October 26 is when production begins for director Justin Reardon. [Source]

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Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan Create ‘A Many Splintered Thing’

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Just because Chris Evans is Captain America, doesn’t mean he won’t take it easy with some lower key non-action roles. Recently Evans charmed Anna Faris in What’s Your Number, but now he’s going to have a rough relationship with Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible III) in a film described as an anti-romantic comedy. Deadline says Evans and Monaghan will lead A Many Splintered Thing, a film in the same vein as (500) Days of Summer (“Remember, this is not a love story). The story follows a man disillusioned by love who meets a young woman at a charity dinner by pretending to be a philanthropist.

But rather than them falling in love, the guy (Evans) learns that she’s engaged to another man, and that kind of precludes her from going out with him. But rather than giving up, he sees this as a challenge, and with the encouragement of his friends, tries to maintain a faux platonic relationship in order to keep seeing her as he tries to conquer her heart. What could possibly go wrong? Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Evans Replaces James Franco as Professional Hitman in THE ICEMAN

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The Captain America: First Avenger star will get a chance to show some more savory characteristics in the project based upon the true crime book by Anthony Bruno.

At home Richard Kuklinski​ was a dedicated suburban family man. On the street he was the Iceman, a professional hit man and lethal scam artist, a man so heartless he kept one of his victims frozen for over two years to disguise the time of death. His personal body count was over 100, but the police didn’t have a clue. The Iceman exposes Kuklinski’s murderous double life.

Michael Shannon, who will soon be seen as General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, is set to play Kuklinski with Chris Evans now on as his mentor Robert Pronge. James Franco​ was originally attached to the role.

The Iceman will be directed by Ariel Vromen from a script by he and Morgan Land. René Besson and Ehud Bleiberg are on to produce for Millennium Films/Nu Image. Production begins next month. [Source]

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Frank Miller Directs Star-Studded Gucci Ad in ‘Sin City’ Style

Posted by staff in Aug 29,2010 with 3 Comments

Looks like the fashion house Gucci is pulling out all the stops in the campaign for its new fragrance, Gucci Guilty.

It has enlisted the brains behind the Sin City franchise of comic books and movie, Frank Miller, to direct an ad for the perfume.

Starring Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) and Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe), it’s only a 30-second teaser for now, but the full director’s cut will debut 12 September at the MTV VMAs.

The Sin City-inspired short (rife with film noir references) debuts a heroine for Gucci’s fragrance, symbolized by a pair of intertwined ‘G’s’. There’s not a lot to glean from this short teaser, so peel your eyes open for the full spot.

Visit the Gucci Guilty Facebook page here.

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