Happy bday to Chris!

Posted by staff in Jun 14,2009 with 3 Comments

Yesterday was Chris Evans’ bday and we just wanted to wish him a great day and an awesome weekend!!!!

Make all your dreams come true and enjoy your life!!!!!!!!

Note: We are going to try to upload some pictures to the gallery today so, come back later!

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3 Responses to “Happy bday to Chris!”

  1. Comment by Scott in June 14, 2009 @ 12:56 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! I hope you have a great birthday…and may all your birthday wishes come true….

    I would like to add an opinion and of course I am not sure if you will read what have to say but I hope so…

    Chris I have seen most of your movies and you are very talented and a good actor and I have to be honest,,,you seem to have developed the idea that taking your shirt off is a bad thing…hell it is not you are as I already said a talented actor but you do have a hot body why not show it off from time to time…please stop listening to your publicist…I mean Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine took off their shirts in Star Trek and the Proposal and man it worked for them look at the attention they received..and Chris you a better actor than both of them,,,so please combine your talent with your good looks and take your shirt off from time to time….

    I am looking forward to your next movie….Push was really cool just pre ordered the DVD.


  2. Comment by Joshua in June 24, 2009 @ 5:38 PM

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